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Hypnosis is a powerful tool for helping athletes maximize their fullest potential

Public Speaking

Your Fears of Public Speaking can Be Addressed!

Conquering Your Fears

Going from fear to fabulous! Conquer your fears today!

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I will help you achieve your goal quickly, comfortably and affordably! After studying human behavior for 32 years, I’ve accumulated the most effective “peak performance” tools available for comfortably overcoming obstacles and reaching goals. I’ve had the honor of working with tens of thousands of clients with just about every goal there is.

I will bring a tremendous amount of experience and expertise to you (and your family.) Indy Hypnosis has more testimonials than most places have clients! In simple terms, we produce serious results!

Skeptical about hypnosis? That’s because of the silliness you see in movies or from the entertainment side of hypnosis. That’s not what we provide. Hypnotists are like the “Geek Squad For Your Brain!” It’s not about “clucking like a chicken.” Instead, it’s about learning how to “train your brain” to think, feel and behave in a manner that consistently produces desirable outcomes.

On this website, you will find our programs and pricing clearly spelled out.

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Tim Shurr, MA

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