The Success Code! How To Attract Health, Wealth & Peace of Mind (Ch 1 of 7)

Hello Achiever!
I’ve made some exciting breakthroughs and I want to share them so you can experience your own!
Since 1988, I’ve been trying to crack the “secret code” to success!
Is the secret to work harder than everyone else?
Should I be meditating for an hour each day?
Perhaps I need to read a new book each month…or each week?
Should I try to upgrade my peer group and hang out with people who have what I feel is missing?
Maybe I need to attend every seminar out there on Personal Development, The Law of Attraction, and How To Be A Money Magnet!
I wasn’t really sure what to do because every “success story” is different and I’ve heard many times that what worked for one person might not work for another.
So I did what most people who wanted more out of life than the status quo do. I tried ALL of those things!
Ok, for sake of transparency, I never got to the point where I was meditating for an hour every day…
I definitely benefitted from all those experiences, yet even though each experience provided a “piece” of the Success Code, I never felt as though I really figured it out…
Until now.
Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing a concise, simple to use, and difficult to believe, strategy for manifesting incredible health, prosperity and peace of mind.
Why do I suggest this Success Code will be difficult to believe in? Because that’s the very thing that blocks people from experiencing the extraordinary breakthroughs that are awaiting you!
People just don’t believe it’s possible, or true, or that simple. Their skepticism (fancy word meaning, fear) prevents them from putting it to the test and finding out rather than immediately dismissing it as silliness.
Our fear constantly gets in the way. Often, one of the biggest challenges to recognize is that you are afraid.
Afraid of not being able to achieve your goal.
Afraid of things not working out.
Afraid of getting sick, never getting better, or always feeling tired.
Afraid of running out of money.
Afraid of something bad happening to you or your love ones.
Afraid you won’t be admired, respected or cared about.
Afraid you’ll never escape your past.
Afraid you’ll never be happy in your relationship.
Afraid you’ll never lose the extra weight.
Afraid you’ll never get to be who you really are.
The list goes on and on…
If you want to know what your emotional brain, aka your Unconscious Mind, believes, take a look at your life. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.
In other words, your current physical, financial, mental and relationship health are the way they are because of your unconscious beliefs.
Again, this may be difficult to buy into because that would mean we’d have to take ownership of everything in our lives because it’s our beliefs that are creating or attracting the situations we are experiencing.
Taking ownership of your life, and everything that happens within it, can feel pretty scary. Yet, if you don’t “own” the situation then the situation will own you!
The famous psychologist, Carl Jung, once said, “You must make the unconscious conscious, or it will rule you, and you’ll call it fate.”
Carl was referring to your hidden (unconscious) beliefs and fears. You can’t fix something that you don’t know is broken. You cannot heal something you don’t know is sick.
And you cannot upgrade a self-limiting belief if you are unaware that this belief resides deep within your mind.
I’ve used hypnotic regression to help tens of thousands of people uncover those hidden beliefs. 90% of the time, the individual did not realize that belief even existed! Nor did they previously recall the exact situation that led to the creation of that fearful belief.
We are not born with fearful beliefs. They are learned.
Author, Alvin Tofler, once said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write. But those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn!”
As kids, we have thousands of experiences that shape our view of the world, the people in it, and ourselves. These beliefs are just ideas that we think with some level of certainty are true.
Yet, there are plenty of beliefs we once viewed as truth, but now know to be false. We “unlearned” those false truths…
For instance, in the late 1800’s, you could order cocaine and heroine right out of a Sears catalog to cure your headaches. Physicians at the time thought this was a good idea…
People once believed those with disabilities could never be athletes, or even hold a job. Now we have the Special Olympics and great employers like Good Will and Opportunity Enterprises primarily hire those with special needs.
The most dangerous belief most have is, “I’m not good enough.” As a result, we go through life trying to measure up so we can feel loved.
We become super-achievers, caretakers, or class clowns. We try to make enough money or make our bodies look like the airbrushed models in fashion magazines.
We let others hurt, abuse, or take advantage of us because we don’t like conflict, we don’t want them to be mad at us, and we are uncomfortable with “rocking the boat!”
Or, we become the one whose always getting in trouble because negative attention is better than none.
This single belief that, “I’m not enough” generates all the other fears and insecurities that plague our world.
1. Fear of rejection
2. Fear of abandonment
3. Fear of embarrassment or humiliation
4. Fear of failure
5. Fear of success
6. Perfectionism (I have to be perfect or I won’t get Dad/Mom’s affection, approval or attention.)
The Success Code that I’m going to share with you is designed to upgrade these false beliefs using love and self-acceptance.
Does this sound too mushy?
If so, that’s your resistance talking…
Humans go through three distinct phases when increasing their emotional intelligence and maturity.
1. Resistance
2. Confusion
3. Breakthrough
Resistance causes us to judge, reject, dismiss or belittle a new idea or perspective without ever giving it due diligence.
In order to get past resistance, you must remember that your mind is like a parachute. It works best when it’s open!
Shortly, I will be sending you the 1st Step in the Success Code.
I won’t be asking you to trust me that this works. Oh no. I want you to find out for yourself!
If you play along, you’ll be amazed by the miracles and “coincidences” that appear before your eyes.
If you don’t want to play, that’s ok too. But you better really like how your life is going because it’s likely not going to change much.
In the first step, we will work on “Finding The Hidden Fear!
I hope you join me in this adventure. It’s going to be quite an exciting ride for sure…or should I say, for Shurr!
Make today a Shurr ! Success
🙂 Tim
Tim Shurr, MA
President, Shurr Success, Inc.
Founder, Indy Hypnosis Center
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