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This program is perfect for those who feel anxious or scared of going to the dentist.


Here’s an article I wrote on the subject…


It’s quite common for people to feel anxious when going to the dentist. Sitting back and allowing people to stick their fingers in your mouth isn’t the most relaxing experience. Plus, many of my clients recalled painful experiences from the dental work, or from actually being restrained during their treatment as a child.
Here’s 3 proven “mind tools” you can use to feel more¬†comfortable at the dentist.
1. Start with your breathing. Control your breathing and you control your life! When scared or stressed, humans breathe through their mouth, which actually creates more inner tension. It can also feel difficult to breathe through one’s mouth during the exam and treatment.
Thus, focus on closing your eyes and breathing in through your nose, down to the bottom of your lungs, and then s l o w l y exhale. While you breathe in this way, count to five in your mind as you inhale and exhale. Concentrate on exhaling more slowly with each breath. Do this 5-10 times in a row and you will feel better. The “Power Breathing” stimulates your Relaxation Response, which will cause you to feel more at ease…even at the dentist.
2. Focus on the outcome you want and not on all the bad things that “might” happen. Use your imagination to prepare you, not scare you! If you think about the dentist and then visualize yourself having a beautiful smile and a fresh, clean taste in your mouth, your body will relax. If you imagine scary things happening, your body will respond accordingly.
3. Have an honest conversation with your doctor and let him/her know you sometimes feel uncomfortable during dental procedures. They hear it all the time. Ask if it’s OK to listen to a relaxing audio program or self-hypnosis program (Pleasant Dentistry – during the procedure. This will produce a feeling of calm, which will set you up for success in subsequent visits.








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