Playing Like A Champion – Sports Mindset Audio Coaching Program


Learn incredible peak performance strategies that are used by Olympic Athletes and top professionals! This four (4) program Instant Download boxset includes Peak Performance, In The Zone, Playing To Win (Brain Software – Hypnosis), and The Mental Edge (Brain Software For The Road – Affirmations).


Can hypnosis help your child excel in sports? It could!
Help Your Teen Athlete Get To The NEXT Level!


Great athletes realize how important their mental attitude is. You’ve got to master the “inner game” if you’re going to excel in sports.

Olympic athletes and top professionals repeatedly condition themselves mentally as well as physically. Once you’ve got the mechanics down, the rest happens in your head!

Playing Like A Champion has been specially designed for teen athletes who have great talent and skill, yet are struggling with the pressures that come with an intensely competitive environment.

This special boxset includes 3 peak performance sessions that lead you through a variety of exercises designed to unleash your full potential. This program ALSO includes a BONUS “Brain Software For The Road (affirmations)” session for getting psyched-up and in the zone before the big game or competition!

Whether your game is golf, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, swimming, or equestrian sports, Playing Like A Champion will give you the mental edge that pays off for a lifetime!



It’s also great for taking pressure off and reducing stress. Many of our athletes have been rising stars who’ve had difficulty handling the media exposure. Others were injured and had a challenging time getting back in the zone. If this is you, get Playing Like A Champion and you’ll quickly find your groove!

  1. Peak Performance (Brain Software) – Teaches the latest guided imagery techniques for elite performance.
  2. The Mental Edge (Brain Software) – Gives you laser focus and the ability to concentrate under extreme pressure.
  3. Playing To Win (Brain Software) – Delivers confidence-boosting suggestions for maximizing your skills and strengthening your desire to win!
  4. In The Zone (Brain Software For The Road) – Get personally fired up by one of the countries leading motivational speakers, Tim Shurr! This program utilizes high-energy affirmations that can be listen to anytime, anywhere!



Use this specially designed “mind-conditioning” Brain Software to transform the quality of your game almost instantly! These powerful sports psychology sessions will ease you into a deeply relaxing state and then feed your Subconscious mind result-producing affirmations and imagery.

These empowering suggestions have been used in thousands of coaching sessions and have a proven track record! For BEST results, listen to at least one of the programs daily for 3 weeks and then prior to any games, conferences, competitions, or camps.



Brain Software” incorporates self-hypnosis, guided imagery, anchoring, and affirmations to optimize your mental performance. NEVER listen to these sessions while driving! They are designed to listen to with your eyes closed. These sessions are 100% safe, great for teens, and they improve self-confidence on and off the mat/field/course/pool/track.


Brain Software For The Road” incorporates positive affirmations and high-energy motivation to psyche you up and get you in Peak State so you can perform at your very best! It will feel like award-winning motivational speaker, Tim Shurr, is right there with you…encouraging you on and preparing you to WIN! These programs are designed so you can listen to them anytime, anywhere, even while driving! Listen to this on your Smartphone prior to the game and EXCEL your performance!


INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to your audio program! A link will be provided for you to download all 4 programs to your Smartphone, Ipad, computer, or any other mp3 device.


Common Question:

Can adults use this program as well?Absolutely! This Peak Performance package is powerfully effective for all ages. Improve your golf game, tennis match, bicycling, cross-fit, or Spartan Warrior experience today!

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