Neuro-Linguistic Communication Online Virtual Course (Beginner)

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Neuro-Linguistics is the art and science of personal and professional achievement! You will discover how to quickly change, influence, and program human behavior, both your own and others! Excellent tools, insights, and immersion experience for those in business, sales, or leadership positions. Vital for therapists, hypnotists, and change-workers or health care professionals. Amazing tools for entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and marketers. Break free from your past, feel strong in the present, and excel in your future!


Shurr ! Success
Neuro-Lingusitic Communication
(Virtual Beginner Course)

This transformational online training course is a powerfully transformative process where self-limiting programming, confusion, and fears from the past are resolved and replaced with a new vision, clarity, and a set of conditioned “success reflexes” and habits that lead to incredible breakthroughs in your personal and professional life!

You will discover how to mentally and emotionally re-condition yourself with a set of winning habits and beliefs that lead to higher levels of productivity, motivation, and influence. You will also be given feedback about yourself that you cannot get on your own. As they say, “You can’t see the label when you’re in the bottle!” Through group exercises, one-on-one experiences, and short lectures, you will begin tapping into the magic of your unconscious mind and the unlimited resources that are available to you!

Since stress levels are at an all time high, you will also experience a variety of strategies designed to alter the way your nervous system processes the amount of information that bombards you daily. This alone is worth prioritizing your life so you can attend this life-enhancing event!

You’ll learn so many empowering insights, strategies, and tools that it’s challenging to put into words what you will experience. Yet, here are some highlights…

  • How to calmly manage the pressures of a rapidly changing world so you can enjoy your life more fully each day!
  • How to transform fear, worry, and stress into tools that are used to your advantage, rather than being controlled and supressed by them.
  • The top 9 ways people sabotage their successes and how to triumph over them!
  • How to boost confidence, build inner strength, and stay motivated regardless of the situations, obstacles, or negative influences in your life.
  • Dozens of mind-blowing strategies (mind-blowing because they are so EASY to use for improving health, creating wealth, and developing peace of mind that have been acquired from coaching thousands of people over the last 16 years.
  • How to escape the nagging worries, fears, and anxieties that keep you awake at night. You’ll sleep like a baby after this program.
  • How to create a new vision for yourself, put a map together for getting what you really desire, and trigger sustained motivation to pull it all off!
  • What you can do to bring the passion back into your intimate relationships, how to create stronger personal relationships, and how to be highly respected and influential in professional relationships.
  • And so much more!

This program is NOT for everyone. We tailor our programs to meet the needs of very specific people. We are ONLY interested in training those who possess a good heart (you’re a caring person), have positive intentions (because the influencing tools are so effective), and who have a strong desire to live life in a more fulfilling and abundant manner. You must be at least 18 years of age and be ready to interact. Some of our group exercises can be emotionally intense, so if you’re not ready to grow and transform, don’t attend.

If, however, YOU ARE READY, this will be a much different experience than those “motivation” seminars you might have experienced in the past. We are not interested in pumping you up for the next week, only so you can return to your previous worries and self-sabotages. We ARE interested in helping you to create sustained improvements in your life, for the rest of your life!

If you’re ready to make a real difference in your own life and in the lives of those you love, then investing in this online course is your next impactful step!

You will learn how the mind works, why people behave the way they do, how to create instant rapport with anyone, and incredible strategies for influencing
human behavior (your own and others).      

After this training, you will never look at others or yourself the same! You’ll know how to make breakthroughs, recognize patterns of personality, eliminate old beliefs and bad habits, and empower yourself (and others) to achieve success in record time!

Use This Training To…

Develop Unstoppable Confidence!                Create Fantastic Relationships!

Eliminate Fears and Worry!                                       Attract Financial Prosperity!

Develop Effective Leadership Skills!                        Elicit Powerful Resource States At Will!

Eliminate Bad Habits!                                                 Stay Motivated for a Lifetime!

Improve Sales Success!                                               Become Your Absolute Best!

Overcome Self-Limitations!                                       Create a compelling future!

  • Are You Ready For The Most Extraordinary Education Of Your Life!
  • Do you get frustrated because your not getting the results in life that you desire?
  • Have you felt limited or blocked because you didn’t have the tools for making breakthroughs in your personal or professional life?
  • Do you find yourself getting temporary results and then relapsing right back into old habits and behaviors? Are you really getting from the day instead of just getting through it?
  • Are you ready for one of the most transformational experiences of your life?

Experience BREAKTHROUGH Results Utilizing the
POWER of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the Art and Science of Personal Growth and achievement. It gives you a practical guide to understanding how one’s subjective experience is coded in the brain and central nervous system. This “brain coding” determines how you think, feel, behave, and experience others, the world, and yourself.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming was developed by systematically observing how high performing and incredibly successful people functioned in the world. These observations were methodically broken down into repeatable patterns that can be modeled by others who also desire to experience an extraordinary quality of life.

Understanding the “language of the mind” provides you with the ability to consistently achieve your specific and desired outcomes. Once you understand the inside workings of the mind, you can create rapid and substantial change in yourself and others. In most cases, the results are astounding and easily measurable!

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence!”
Psychology Today

“NLP could be the most powerful synthesis of knowledge about communications to emerge.” –Science Digest

“The best definition of NLP is whatever works! Robert Diltz 

If You Could Change One Thing In YOUR Life, What Would It Be?

  • Clarify your goals
    · Create lasting motivation
    · Enjoy more success
  • Develop stronger relationships
    · Enhance performance in all areas
    · Increase your income
    · Achieve business and career objectives
  • Eliminate bad habits   · Improve your lifestyle · Live life on your terms!


What Makes NLP Unique?

NLP is the psychology of excellence. It is based on the practical skills that are used by ALL good communicators to obtain excellent results. These skills are invaluable for personal and professional development, both for others and oneself. By purposefully “recoding information in your mind,” you can dramatically, quickly, and often permanently change your experience for the better!

Breakthroughs in the field of Psycho-Neuro Immunology occur every day! Researchers are discovering that one’s thoughts affect every cell of the body at a molecular level. How a person communicates with him/herself has a direct correlation to how mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy and happy this person will be.


“Owner’s Manual To The Brain!”

Possessing an “owner’s manual” for how your internal communication model influences your reality will provide the tools and insights for quickly modifying your present and future. In order to understand how to influence one’s external world, you need to understand how thinking affects their internal world. NLP gives you this “owner’s manual.”

Consider The Following Questions:

What stops you from having the success that you want…or want more of?

What is the difference that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent and someone who excels in life?

“NLP helps me to manage audiences and motivate them.  It is just amazing.” — Oprah Winfrey, the No. 1 talk show host in the world.

“I built my sales career from zero to become the world’s best motivator by using NLP” — Anthony Robbins, best-known success coach in the world.

You Will Learn How To Help Yourself and Others To…

  • Eliminate fears, low self-esteem, stress, grief, anger, compulsions, bad
    habits, sadness, chronic health problems, traumatic personal history, &
  • Clarify your goals
  • Create lasting motivation
  • Enjoy more success
  • Develop stronger or more passionate relationships
  • Enhance your performance in all areas
  • Distancing negative people from your life
  • Increase your income
  • Achieve your business and career objectives
  • Eliminate bad habits
  • Help others quickly overcome traumatic events (PTSD)

NLP Gives You The Technology To…

  • Change or eliminate inappropriate or undesirable behavior
  • Resolve internal conflicts
  • Establish deep levels of rapport so that you can connect better with others
  • Access resourceful states of competence and confidence
  • Improve interpersonal communication skills
  • Develop meaningful goals and clearer strategies for attainment
  • Understand non-verbal cues and language patterns
  • Bring limiting beliefs and structure into conscious awareness
  • Improve the ways you think, learn, and communicate
  • Discover the ways in which we naturally build rapport
  • Enhance rapport skills that will speed up your effectiveness
  • Open your eyes and ears more completely to really see and hear what’s really happening
  • Experience events from several perspectives and use that knowledge to create new possibilities
  • Identify and step into your own states of excellence so that you have internal resources available when you need them.
  • Change your response to memories of the past.
  • Recognize the patterns that create difficulty in your personal and work life.
  • Measure the success of your communication based on the subtle responses of others
  • Double or even triple your sales and marketing returns using “The science of human influence!”

Why This Training Is So Incredible!

If you want to go beyond mere effectiveness in your work, take your relationships and personal life to the next level, and gain incredible Life Mastery skills for making your dreams come true, take advantage of this spectacular training! Our hands-on NLP courses will give you amazing insights into how people structure their subjective reality.

The tools you’ll acquire come from years of “being in the trenches” with clients. Your instructor, Tim Shurr, has spent two decades helping people make quick, lasting breakthroughs that have literally transformed their lives. He’s consistently seen 30-60 clients a week for years and this real world experience has allowed Tim to fine-tune his craft. He’s now ready to share his secret methods with you! Are you ready to excel?

What Others Are Saying…

This training with Tim Shurr was a phenomenal experience. I can’t wait to start using these tools! The clarity that has come to me is incredible and I would recommend Tim’s training to anyone. If you want empower yourself, and really help others to empower themselves, this is the course for you.” – Katherine Kidd, Entertainer

“Tim Shurr’s NLP course is magnificent! His training has allowed me to see the world in a new, clearer way. I have a new sense of confidence and power that I never had before and I truly recommend you attend Tim’s trainings.” –Dave Kim, I.T. Guy, Chicago, IL

“I just attended Tim’s course and I wish I had done so 37 years ago when I first starting working with people because I’ve learned so much. His training pulled together and made sense of how and why techniques work. Instead of stumbling with lots of trial and error I can understand people’s behavior and my reactions to it and how to improve those reactions. I will be a much better business owner because of Tim Shurr’s program. If you have employees this will be a fabulous training course for you! – Jan White, Owner, Mango Bay Spa

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Tim Shurr, MA, as a hypnotist, NLP practitioner, and trainer in the disciplines of personal, professional, and organizational development. Tim has a wonderful reputation within the hypnotism community, and he’s the person we go to with questions about corporate speaking and training.

Tim has a keen knowledge of rapid-change techniques for individuals. He also understands business, organizations, sales, and marketing, which is why he is in such high demand from corporate America and abroad.

I myself have taken training from Tim Shurr and found his presentations to be interesting, fun, thorough, competent, and most of all, extraordinarily valuable! He is a seasoned clinician, corporate speaker, and instructor. Whatever you need, it’s likely that Tim can provide it!” – Mark Briggs, LCSW, CHt

Your Instructor (Read Tim’s Bio at

Tim Shurr, MA, CH, CI utilizes the latest research and cutting edge technology to demonstrate the powerful, exciting applications of NLP. Tim has the ability to take complicated techniques and break them down into easily understandable steps that can immediately be implemented.

Step-by-step, you will discover what works and how to apply it with incredible precision. Because you will be practicing the strategies throughout the program, when you complete the course you’ll also feel confidence when using these skills when you return home!

This class is destined to be a resource for the rest of your life. You will experience the little known nuances of conscious awareness for understanding human behavior and accelerated change! Once you learn how to gain instant deep rapport and uncover someone’s true goals, you can align it with their values to create instant breakthroughs. By unlocking the secret of how your brain processes information, goals that before seemed hazy and out of reach will suddenly become more vivid, clear, and easy to achieve. And, of course, all of our Shurr ! Success trainings are fun, interactive, and empowering!

More Testimonials…

“I came to this training because I had a lot of conflicts in my life. My father had a stroke six months ago and trying to balance caring for him with my family and job responsibilities was very difficult. Through the techniques I have learned I am better able to balance my life and take care of me! I strongly suggest this program for you because it will truly bring balance into your life, as it did mine.” –Cathy Boone Black, Reflexologist, Noblesville, IN

“I was very skeptical when I first signed up for the program. Even sitting in the chair prior to the program I was concerned that I might have wasted my money. As it turns out it was the best money I ever invested! I feel more confident now and I have powerful rapport building strategies that I can use to grow my business.” –Shirley Collins, President, Net Perspectives


Here’s What Other Attendees
Are Saying…

“It was such an amazing weekend!  It went from interesting, to very interesting, to absolutely amazing.  I learn from Tim and the other participants.  Although I don’t like to show my vulnerability, I was able to open up and without even realizing it, I put pieces of the puzzle from my life together.  I’m not totally fixed.  A weekend is not enough time to fix all of my problems; but this weekend had enough time to make me realize that now is the time to start loving myself and to quit beating myself up emotionally and for a lifetime of not feeling worthy because I brought into other peoples lies.

I’ve always known that I married a really amazing guy but this weekend had me focus on a time during our engagement and early-married years.  I never forgot these memories but I somehow pushed these memories to the back of my mind.  I realized that the memories that were in the front of my mind were those memories that caused me pain.  I’m resolved to not just push negativity to the back of my mind but to get rid of it once and for all.  Starting today, I’m going to seek the positive and live a happier life and have more energy for my loving family.”

Peggy Furman, Executive Administrative Assistant, Chicago, IL

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the wealth of information contained within this virtual online course, please notify us within 30-days and we will issue you a full refund!



Dear Friend,

I don’t know about you, but I am living the life of my dreams. I have an amazing wife who supports me in every way. I have three beautiful children and the flexibility and free time to spend many priceless moments with them. I have a wonder-full relationship with God and our co-creative relationship. I have multiple streams of income and am attracting more and more wealth and prosperity every day.

I am not writing to you to brag. As a matter of fact, I still face challenges, difficult times, and even fear. But I understand that true personal growth exists outside of the comfort zone. As you step outside of the comfort zone and gain awareness you start to grow in ways you never imagined before. Where does this awareness come from?

Awareness comes from resources that are all around us. It comes from books, friends, our own life experience, and it comes from people who have a greater awareness than we do who want to share it.

We have one such resource right here in Indiana. His name is Tim Shurr and he is the President of Shurr ! Success, Inc. I am very honored to call Tim a friend, teacher and mentor. Tim has had a huge impact in my life and I know he will have an impact in yours. Tim has been an invaluable guide in my journey to create the life I described above and I know he will be instrumental in creating an even greater life for my family and I in the future.

YOU have the opportunity to benefit from Tim’s knowledge through his NLP Life Mastery Course. I want you to do something right now. Not after you read the rest of your emails or later today when things are calmed down. Right now! What is one thing you want in your life? Think of it now! Take action right now in creating the life of your dreams and think, what do you want? Trust your instinct no matter how ridiculous it may seem. What is it?

Those who take action win. Those who think about taking action lose. Be a winner and follow through on this. I did and it’s been transformational! If you are not 100% satisfied you will get every penny back. Dare to dream and dream big. Then take that next step toward manifesting that dream into a reality.

Wishing you success, prosperity and abundance beyond your wildest dreams, your friend,

Michael Joesten
Life Success Coach, Bob Proctor Organization, “The Secret”



“In case your sitting on the fence about this, please beware! Your mind saying, “I’ll think about it” or “I need more information” is often your paradigms (self limiting beliefs and fear) keeping you stuck to the status quo. Stepping outside your comfort zone is something you have been conditioned not to do. To grow and prosper, and get what you want, you MUST step outside your comfort zone and you need to do it now!

“I have seen a lot NLP strategies before now I have a greater understanding of how and why they work after attending Tim Shurr’s training. I’m excited to use these techniques with my clients, friends, and family and I highly recommend for anyone who wants to better their life.” –Kendra Shortz, Certified Hypnotist.



“I am a career firefighter and I was looking for another profession as I got older. I had always been interested in hypnosis and NLP. To me, NLP and hypnosis are like two peas in a pod. You really can’t completely understand one without the other. If you are a businessperson and you haven’t taken Tim Shurr’s NLP program you are really missing out on success! Everything you want can be yours. You need to take this training!” –Roger Harris, Moresville & Plainsfield Fire Department