Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind! (E-Book)


If you struggle with losing weight or keeping it off, you need to know something. The odds of people successfully losing weight are so low because the entire approach is flawed!


If you struggle with losing weight or keeping it off,
you need to know something. The odds of people successfully losing weight are so low because
the entire approach is flawed!

You’ve got thousands of marketers selling you their yummy looking junk food, sodas, and wines. They enter your living room every night, right when you are most susceptible to wanting their products.

When you try to get help, you jump online and there are literally thousands of people attempting to sell you their LATEST, NEW AND IMPROVED, UNBELIEVABLE DROP ALL THE WEIGHT YOU WANT WHILE STILL EATING EVERYTHING IN SITE diet plans that are basically garbage.

You also have the Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watcher programs that spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to get you to buy their supplements and meal replacement shakes.

Yet, here’s the real deal on weight loss. You have to eat less calories to lose weight. If you cut back 100 calories from whatever you are eating now and you keep it that way for one year, you’ll likely lose about 10 pounds. It’s basic math.

Exercise is great for overall health, vitality, and better sleep. Killing yourself at the gym is NOT healthy.

It’s simple enough. The PROBLEM is how we’ve been mentally programmed since birth. Admit it, you’ve been trained to see food as a reward since the moment you were born. We live in an “eating” society. It’s like telling someone with alcoholism to live in the “Land of Alcohol” but she can’t drink it!

The only way to keep yourself motivated long enough to actually transform you body, mind, and life is by “re-training your brain” to eat for energy, vitality, and beauty (this includes physical attractiveness and inner peace.)

My academic background is in psychology and human behavior. I’m an expert in motivation and persuasive communication. I’ve also spent 20 years as a “weight loss hypnotist.” My clinics have helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.

Our secret? De-hypnotizing you from being an “eating robot.” Then helping you to re-condition your mind to eat the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts. We will also help you wipe out cravings, improve your energy, increase your desire for fitness, lower stress, and build up incredible self-esteem.

Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind is basically our script book. It takes you through dozens of “mind conditioning” exercises that will both educate and transform the way you approach GETTING HEALTHY!

It’s a great way to get back many of the blocks and self-sabotages that you have encountered in the past! This Instant Download E-Book is an incredible value and something you will need if you’re going to ever want to shed those unwanted pounds.

Once you’ve competed this step, consider purchasing our online training or the audio companion program entitled (Shurr ! Success Ultimate Weight Loss System.)

What’s Included In The Program:

– 10 Reasons Why Dieting Keeps People Fat!

– Creating a Mental “Blueprint for Success.”

– Mind Tricks that Produce Motivation

– Getting Motivated Without Willpower!

– Stress Eating Be Gone! How to Eliminate

– Stress at Its Core!

– 3 Step Formula for Creating a Winning Mindset

– How to Turn Frustration Into Freedom !

– Eating Secrets of the Thin & Healthy

– How to Succeed With Portion Control

– Condition Yourself to Love Exercising

– Why People Don’t Exercise

– How to Overcome Excuses           

– 9 More Super Easy Tips For Getting Started

– How To Generate Massive Motivation

– 9 Super Easy Tips for Following Through

– 5 Reasons Why People Exercise But Don’t Lose Weight

– How to Jump-Start Your Metabolism

– How to Keep Your Thyroid Burning Fat!

– 3 Reasons Why People Crave Sweets After A Meal

– 9 Healthy Ways to Reward Yourself That Keep You Thin

– How to Instantly Eliminate Sugar Cravings

– How To Condition Yourself To Stay Motivated For A Lifetime

– Understanding the Forces That Cause You To Act the Way You Do

– Getting Leverage Over Yourself

– The Missing Ingredient! Conditioning Yourself To Follow Through

– Self-Hypnosis: The Most Powerful Tool for Mental & Emotional Reconditioning!

– How To Overcoming Self-Sabotage

– Resolving Inner Conflicts In A Comfortable Way

– More Ways to Prevent Sabotage From Others and Yourself

– Top 8 Beliefs that Keep People Stuck

– Overcoming Sabotage from Your Spouse

– People Can’t Push Your Buttons If You Don’t Have Them Anymore!

– Can Medication, Illness, Pain, Age & Genetics Be Valid Reasons

– For Not Losing Weight?

– The “Getting Thin” Creed!

– Why People Give Up So Easily

– How to Overcome The 3 Most Common Pitfalls

– The Secrets To Staying Thin For a Lifetime!


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