I Am A Sales Superstar! (Instant Download)


Supercharge your personal confidence and ability to generate more sales and income! Get this Instant Download “Brain Software For The Road” audio program from Tim Shurr today!



Anyone in sales understands the importance of making great 1st impressions, bringing energy and enthusiasm into the relationship, and developing methods for staying focused and motivated!

This specially designed instantly downloadable audio program provides a unique combination of hypnotic suggestion and peak performance strategy that will build confidence while enhancing your ability to sell through serving!

This is an awesome program for sales professionals who want to stay confident, motivated and influential.  You’ll learn to increase your charm factor and persuasively influence others to do more business with you!


Use this specially designed “Brain Software For The Road” affirmations audio program to achieve your sales goals faster & easier!  When you listen to this invigorating set of affirmations from award-winning motivational speaker and sales trainer, Tim Shurr, money-generating ideas and prosperity insights will be absorbed by your Subconscious mind, causing you to ACT in ways that GROW SALES!

These empowering suggestions have been used in thousands of coaching sessions and have a proven track record! For BEST results, listen to this program daily for 3 weeks and then prior to any networking events or new sales opportunities.

Brain Software For The Road” incorporates positive affirmations and high-energy motivation to psyche you up and get you in Peak State so you can perform at your very best! It will feel like Tim is right there with you…encouraging you on and preparing you to WIN! These programs are designed so you can listen to them anytime, anywhere, even while driving! 

INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Upon purchase, you will have immediate access to your audio program! A link will be provided for you to download your program directly to your Smartphone, Ipad, computer, or any other mp3 device.

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