Breakthrough Relationships


Would you like to end the constant arguing and communicate with your partner in a way that gets you on the same page? Want to bring that loving, affectionate feeling you once felt for your partner back? This unique online coaching program will show you how!



Breakthrough Relationships will provide you with powerful insights and strategies for creating happier, healthier relationships. If you struggle in your relationship because of past experiences, miscommunication, or because your partner drives you crazy, this program will give you practical tips and tools for rekindling passion and connection!

You’ll Discover:

  • How to eliminate self-deception so it doesn’t keep you from experiencing true joy and fulfillment.
  • Why men and women struggle to satisfy each other’s needs and how to understand the role of masculine and feminine energy.
  • How to recognize and speak your partner’s “love language.”
  • How to identify what your partner’s driving needs and values are so you can satisfy (and communicate with) each other in the way you both desire.
  • Powerful love techniques that bring playfulness and joy back into the relationship.
  • How to stop an argument in 60-seconds flat!
  • How to overcome hurts from the past so you actually feel the desire to make necessary changes.
  • Several mind-conditioning audio sessions will help improve any self-limiting perspectives that may be sabotaging your efforts.
  • Tools for recharging your mind, body, and soul.

What You Get:

You’ll receive several audio recordings of a live Relationships class facilitated by internationally renowned relationships expert, Tim Shurr, MA. This program also includes video footage of Tim demonstrating various concepts, so you get a deeper understanding of the material. Watch these videos with your spouse and listen to the downloadable MP3’s in the car for additional reinforcement!

The information and tools in this program are incredible and it will likely serve you better than spending thousands on marriage counseling. Do yourself and your partner a BIG favor and invest in this program today! You’ll be glad you did.