My Personal 3-Step Formula For Achieving Goals Faster!

One day a farmer walked over to an old well on his property.

The well water had dried up, so he grabbed a shovel and a few of his farm hands to help him fill the well with dirt.

As they approached the well, the men heard a high pitch wining coming from the well.

They ran over and found that the farmer’s donkey had somehow fallen into the well.

The farmer was heartbroken for he liked this old donkey, but there was no way for him to remove the animal from the well.

With a stomach full of angst, he decided to fill the well with dirt anyway.

One by one, the men grabbed shovels of dirt and began tossing the dirt into the well.

When the donkey realized what was happening, he started squealing even louder!

And then…


As the crew continued throwing shovels of dirt down into the well, the farmer peered inside the well to see what made the donkey stop wining.

With each small pile of dirt that was tossed onto the donkey, he would shake the dirt off and then step up onto the slightly higher pile.

Each time the men threw more dirt down into the well, the donkey would shake it off and step up a little higher.

Eventually, the well filled almost to the top, and to the farmer’s dismay, the donkey stepped up over the wall of the well and set himself free.

The moral of the story is that you are going to get dirt thrown on you from time to time, even by those who care about you. 

If you wish to thrive, rather than get buried alive, you must shake it off and take a step U
Keep shaking it off and stepping UP, and over time, you will find yourself experiencing mental, emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual freedom as well!To help you step UP, I filmed my personal 3-step approach to achieving goals faster.

It’s easy for someone to tell you WHAT to do. 

It’s empowering for someone to help you do it!

This video will show you HOW to get a jumpstart on attaining any goal you desire.

Make today count!:) Tim

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