Fear of Public Speaking

Do you have a fear of public speaking?

Hypnosis for Fear of Public Speaking

If the thought of standing up and speaking in front of others makes you shutter, this is program you must try. Through hypnosis, you can feel more calm, comfortable, and confident in front of any crowd. With the right training in hypnosis, relaxation, and group presentations skills, you’ll be able to warm up any audience, deliver your message in clear, persuasive ways, and feel like you have knocked it out of the park after your talk has ended.

Get Hypnotized To Be a Confident Public Speaker!

Fears of Public Speaking can Be Addressed

Your Fear of Public Speaking Can Be Eliminated!


It does not matter if you’re talking to two people, twenty people, or two hundred people. It’s actually all the same. What happens when you speak is that you start making it about your performance, instead of about what the audience needs. In other words, you’re actually judging yourself harder than your audience would be.

That puts all of the pressure on you, and that’s when you freeze up. Then your brain says, “I’m not doing that again!” Next thing you know, you have got a fear of speaking in public.

The good news is we’ve got the cure for any fears you have about public speaking. Our clients used to “freak out” when thinking about speaking in front of friends, co-workers, employees, employers, upper management, or customers. They would get themselves so worked up, some would actually get sick in the bathroom before their scheduled talk.


Stop Torturing Yourself!

Public speaking can be much easier with the right hypnosis training. We will help you re-adjust your focus and gently train your mind and body to experience more calm under pressure. When you do that – your presentation goes great! Then your brain gets a new message that says, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was kind a fun!”

Our Founder Used Hypnosis To Conquer His Fear of Public Speaking! You Can Too…

Our founder, Tim Shurr, used to get so scared thinking about public speaking, he would almost have a panic attack. And now? He is an internationally known professional speaker whose spoken in front of tens of thousands of people from around the globe. But in the beginning? He was scared to death.

Tim used hypnosis to “re-train his brain” to actually enjoy connecting with crowds. In fact, the bigger the crowd, the more fun it became. Hypnosis is the most relaxing, fun way to become a confident speaker.

If your job, interview skills, or ability to rise within the company depends on your ability to “WOW” a crowd or deliver information in a calm, confident manner…


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