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beforeafter-frontHypnosis is the most relaxing and enjoyable way to achieve results. Thousands have reached their goals and saved money by using hypnosis! Indy Hypnosis offers several powerful hypnosis programs to help eliminate the pain of smoking, being overweight, dealing with emotional stress, and more.

Although our clients regularly experience great results, your results will depend on how well you follow the advice given. Individual results do vary and you should consult with your physician before starting a new weight loss program. Not all hypnotists are created equal, so why not visit one of the most successful hypnotism practices in the world, right here in Indianapolis!

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When rescheduling or canceling appointments, you must do this 24 hours in advance to avoid the $35 cancellation fee. We understand things come up. Yet, last minute cancellations keep other clients from getting in. Thanks for your understanding!

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