Do this for 15 minutes and come back to life!

How you feeling stressed are you having a hard day at the office are you feeling so wound up inside that you don’t know what to do anymore I got a brand new stress management technique for you and it’s gonna help you feel recharged and amazing in just 15 minutes it’s called a hot tub therapy and if you’re sitting there in the snow right now and you are feeling like you need something to change the way you feel. I recommend that you come in Florida hang out in the hot tub and just relax your attention away that’s what I’ve been doing for the last week and it works beautifully they’d only cost a couple of thousand dollars and if you’re gonna drive here about 16 hours of your time but that 15 minutes of relaxation is worth every single penny so do what I do whirlpool therapy thanks so much enjoy your... read more

6 Week Breakthrough Challenge Ideas!

Hey guys how you doing it’s Tim so I’ve been talking to my friends and who are trainers and fitness gurus and nutritionists and everything and asking them what they’ve been doing with their communities to help their people achieve the success that they desire right. I have friends that are coaches in every kind of industry and so one of the things that we’ve been talking about is throwing some kind of a contest like a six-week breakthrough challenge and I thought what a great idea because one of the best ways to stay motivated is if you have something that you’re working towards something that you’re moving to that is exciting and fun and it gives you a goal to go after right it gives you a deadline to go through and sometimes deadlines are our lifelines right they give us the energy and the desire and the commitment to follow through and achieve success and you know there’s a penalty if you don’t make it which is which holds us accountable and there’s a surprise or a bonus or a payoff or a reward when you do make it and that just makes it even more exciting and... read more

5 ways to maximize your INFLUENCE!

👉Hey guys how you going – what’s going on it’s Tim I’m at the Lafayette country club here in Lafayette Indiana Purdue country and I thought I would do this quick video real quick with you I just finished keynoting for the women in communication the Association for women in communications they have an annual awards event and it was a lot of fun super group of amazing women that were there and I had a lot of fun and I thought I would just share real quick. I tried to record some of it and for some reason that didn’t work out so I thought I would just real quickly share the the five tips that will help you to your influence right so tip number one is know your worth know that you count know that you matter know that your thoughts your beliefs your hopes your dreams are just as important and valuable as anybody else’s right know that that when you want something or you’re trying to create something in your life that you are worthy of it that you deserve it if you ever feel like you do not just take the oath repeat after me I am worthy okay boom now you’re worthy because you don’t need anybody to tell you you are you need to just claim it right and just own it it’s your birthright you have that ability you’re just as important and valuable as anybody else which means that... read more