My Personal 3-Step Formula For Achieving Goals Faster!

One day a farmer walked over to an old well on his property. The well water had dried up, so he grabbed a shovel and a few of his farm hands to help him fill the well with dirt. As they approached the well, the men heard a high pitch wining coming from the well. They ran over and found that the farmer’s donkey had somehow fallen into the well. The farmer was heartbroken for he liked this old donkey, but there was no way for him to remove the animal from the well. With a stomach full of angst, he decided to fill the well with dirt anyway. One by one, the men grabbed shovels of dirt and began tossing the dirt into the well. When the donkey realized what was happening, he started squealing even louder! And then… Silence. As the crew continued throwing shovels of dirt down into the well, the farmer peered inside the well to see what made the donkey stop wining. With each small pile of dirt that was tossed onto the donkey, he would shake the dirt off and then step up onto the slightly higher pile. Each time the men threw more dirt down into the well, the donkey would shake it off and step up a little higher. Eventually, the well filled almost to the top, and to the farmer’s dismay, the donkey stepped up over the wall of the well and set himself free. The moral of the story is that you are going to get dirt thrown on you from time to time, even by those who care about you. ... read more

The Success Code! How To Attract Health, Wealth & Peace of Mind (Ch 1 of 7)

Hello Achiever!   I’ve made some exciting breakthroughs and I want to share them so you can experience your own! Since 1988, I’ve been trying to crack the “secret code” to success! Is the secret to work harder than everyone else? Should I be meditating for an hour each day? Perhaps I need to read a new book each month…or each week? Should I try to upgrade my peer group and hang out with people who have what I feel is missing? Maybe I need to attend every seminar out there on Personal Development, The Law of Attraction, and How To Be A Money Magnet! I wasn’t really sure what to do because every “success story” is different and I’ve heard many times that what worked for one person might not work for another. So I did what most people who wanted more out of life than the status quo do. I tried ALL of those things! Ok, for sake of transparency, I never got to the point where I was meditating for an hour every day… I definitely benefitted from all those experiences, yet even though each experience provided a “piece” of the Success Code, I never felt as though I really figured it out… Until now. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing a concise, simple to use, and difficult to believe, strategy for manifesting incredible health, prosperity and peace of mind. Why do I suggest this Success Code will be difficult to believe in? Because that’s the very thing that blocks people from experiencing the extraordinary breakthroughs that are awaiting you! People just don’t believe it’s possible, or true, or that simple. Their skepticism (fancy word meaning,... read more

Are You A “Talker” Or A “Doer?”

Hello Achiever!   Ever wonder why I refer to YOU as an “Achiever?” Because your Mindset is more important than any other factor when it comes to goal attainment. Most of my clients achieve their goals…eventually. Some goals require a larger investment of time and action and it’s your mindset that keeps you going. Of course, I want ALL my clients to succeed. Yet, over the 24 years I’ve been in the coaching profession, I’ve realized that’s not realistic. Not everyone is willing to do what it takes to turn a want into a reality. Some talk a good game, but then crumble at the first sign of difficulty. They may feel committed, yet they are not devoted. Those who are devoted push back against obstacles until they crumble! These are the “doers.” They take more action, instead of waisting time explaining why it’s so hard to follow through. “Talkers” say things like… I really need to lose this weight…but they don’t devote themselves to a coach, program or course of action. Oh, they might do lots of research, but research doesn’t achieve goals. Proactive action does! I want to grow my business…but they don’t invest any money into programs or coaching because, “I don’t have any money” or “Now isn’t a good time.” These are all excuses. You are swimming AWAY from the boat! The Coast Guard is trained to go on treacherous rescue missions out at sea. Sometimes they will arrive on a scene where a large vessel has capsized and there are more people in the water than the rescue helicopter can carry back. That means you have to decide who lives and who dies. What a horrifying thought, right? How would you decide who... read more

Chaos VS Peace…Which Do You Have More Of?

Hello Achiever! Do you experience more chaos or peace in your life?  I definitely felt more chaotic for a long time… Even when things were going “well,” something crazy, stressful or frustrating would always pop up and steal my thunder! I’d do everything possible to keep bad things from happening, but it didn’t seem to matter. That’s when I had the BIG “ah-ha!” The things I tried to control were all external. I tried changing how others behaved or I’d avoid situations that felt “bad.” I’d distract myself with work, cleaning the house or watching movies so I didn’t have to deal with the anxiety of the situation. Yet, because I’m constantly listening to podcasts, attending seminars and hiring coaches to help me increase self-awareness and erase blind spots, I realized the real work needed to be done internally. I had to stop moving away from “bad” situations or feelings and move towards them so I could emotionally work through those thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Distraction and denial are two psychological coping mechanisms that often intensify or expand the anxiety we are attempting to avoid! They move us in the direction of chaos. Chaos is complete disorder and confusion. In chaotic situations, it feels like everything around us is random and unpredictable, which is frightening to our brain because one of its main functions is to decipher meaning and predict outcomes so it can keep us safe. When your brain can’t understand or make sense of what’s happening, or what might occur next, it kind of freaks out! The adrenaline rush heightens our awareness and we develop great sensitivity to small details or changes. (Everything becomes a mountain instead of a molehill.)... read more

3 Mesmerizing Steps For Making BIG Dreams Come True With Less Effort!

Hello Achiever!  As promised, here are the secrets to setting goals in a way that increases your odds of achieving them by 100%! 1. Always start by writing down the end result or ultimate outcome you intend (not want or wish) to experience and CLARIFY what achieving this goal will do for you?  Avoid writing down goals like…     a. I want to lose 50 LBS b. I want to make 150K c. I want to be happier   These goals won’t keep you inspired long term and they don’t clarify what the REAL goal is.  a. What do you believe will happen or be possible for you, if you were 50 pounds lighter? b. Why do you want to make $150,000? What would you do with the money? Would you pay off a bill? Go on a vacation? Add 10% more to your 401K? Purchase a new dishwasher, buy 5 new outfits and make a larger contribution at church?     c. What do you feel is missing that would make you feel happier? What has made you feel happy in the past? How do you know when you are happy?   I’ve set many goals like this in the past and when I didn’t achieve them, it made me feel “less than,” like I wasn’t good/smart/talented/ enough to make that dream happen. Looking back now, I realize it wasn’t a lack of talent. Nor did it have anything to do with being “good enough.” Instead, I hadn’t set a realistic enough timeline for how long it might take to reach my goal. I also wasn’t appreciating what I HAD accomplished during the year that would eventually set me up for attaining a goal much larger and more rewarding... read more

A Quick Trick to Feel strong and Confident | Release Your Happy Hormones Just Now!

Hey guys it’s Tim so I want to teach you another quick trick that it’s really cool it’s called power posing and it helps you feel strong and confident it releases all kinds of really good happy hormones in your mind and it control just by changing your physiology now we’ve known this in neuro linguistic programming for a couple of decades since the 70s right at at Harvard and did a TED talk on and to kind of glue it out so if you want to look up Amy Cuddy TED talk it’s really really good she did a great job she got emotional and vulnerable and it was really an awesome story but Amy Kelly came along a Harvard psychologist so here is an A Quick Trick to Feel strong and Confident | Release Your Happy Hormones Just... read more

How to overcome fear and anxiety?

I’m helping people with anxiety people call me every single day and they’re like I have just had this feeling inside like there’s this bully on my shoulder like I have this impending doom this fear that some Bad’s gonna happen and I was so like so can resonate with that because that’s where I was for so much of my life I was just paralyzed with fear anxiety. Anxiety is like this fire alarm that gets pulled in your head all the time telling you something’s... read more

Anxiety – What Is Anxiety & How To Treat It

Today, I am talking about anxiety and what it is and you know anxiety is when it’s like a fire alarm system in your brain that gets pulled and telling you that there’s something wrong right telling you that you’re in danger something Bad’s gonna happen you know I had a lot of hard experiences growing up and I’m sure you have had some of those as... read more

How To Quiet Your Restless Mind

Today, I want to share a story about Jill, that came in Jill came into the office high-powered executive, she’s already dropped some wage she’s looking to drop some more weight but she got caught up in stress right so I taught her the simple mind technique that will help her to quiet her Restless mind because her minds always go and she’s always thinking about work and then she comes home and she’s you know taking care of the family and her mind’s always going and she has a hard time slowing it... read more