Are You A “Talker” Or A “Doer?”

Hello Achiever!
Ever wonder why I refer to YOU as an “Achiever?” Because your Mindset is more important than any other factor when it comes to goal attainment.
Most of my clients achieve their goals…eventually.
Some goals require a larger investment of time and action and it’s your mindset that keeps you going.
Of course, I want ALL my clients to succeed. Yet, over the 24 years I’ve been in the coaching profession, I’ve realized that’s not realistic.
Not everyone is willing to do what it takes to turn a want into a reality.
Some talk a good game, but then crumble at the first sign of difficulty. They may feel committed, yet they are not devoted.
Those who are devoted push back against obstacles until they crumble! These are the “doers.” They take more action, instead of waisting time explaining why it’s so hard to follow through.
Talkers” say things like…
I really need to lose this weight…but they don’t devote themselves to a coach, program or course of action. Oh, they might do lots of research, but research doesn’t achieve goals. Proactive action does!
I want to grow my business…but they don’t invest any money into programs or coaching because, “I don’t have any money” or “Now isn’t a good time.”
These are all excuses. You are swimming AWAY from the boat!
The Coast Guard is trained to go on treacherous rescue missions out at sea. Sometimes they will arrive on a scene where a large vessel has capsized and there are more people in the water than the rescue helicopter can carry back.
That means you have to decide who lives and who dies. What a horrifying thought, right? How would you decide who to pull out of the water?
In the Coast Guard, you’re taught to SAVE the people who swim TOWARDS you. Trying to “save” someone who isn’t actively working to save themselves can often result in both people being dragged under water.
In 1987, I was training to be a lifeguard. It was a pretty brutal experience because after all the challenging lessons, in order to graduate, you had to jump in the water and save the instructor.
It was brutal because the instructor was a large, strong man who had no intention of letting you swim up and peacefully pull him to the side of the pool.
Why? Because that wouldn’t happen in real life.
When someone is drowning, they are scared to death! If they can, the terrified individual will forcefully grab ahold of the lifeguard and end up drowning them both!
Thus, we were taught that if a drowning person were to put us in a dangerous situation, we were to squarely punch the person right in the nose.
They would reflexively let go and we could then evade their grasp, grab them from behind, and start moving them to safety.
The philosophy was, “I’d rather have a bloody nose than be dead.” Makes sense to me…
Does this mean if you sign up for my coaching program and become more of a talker than a doer, I’m going to punch you?
No…of course not. I’m definitely a hugger, not a fighter.
But I won’t spend my time trying to save you if you’re not devoted to saving yourself and swimming towards our Achiever helicopter.
I’ve been in countless situations where…
I didn’t have any money, so I bought a program or signed up for coaching on a payment plan or using a credit card.
It wasn’t a good time because my schedule was full, my family was having a “crisis,” or I was stressed out…but I knew things would never change if I didn’t do something right now!
So I’d get intentional, realizing there really isn’t a “good time” to start. You just have to start, and the sooner the better!
So I’d join the program anyway and it ended up making things a lot better sooner rather than later!
I’ve also waisted time doing too much research on who I wanted to work with because in reality, I was scared of making the wrong choice and feeling stupid for waisting money or getting “burned.”
Yet, that was me coming from FEAR rather than FAITH. So, nowadays, I do a bit of research on someone, check testimonials, and then hire them for a short period of time to see if it really is a good fit or not.
Don’t waste my time telling me what you think about a meal you haven’t even tasted yet! Take a bite first and then we can have an intelligent conversation about it…
So here’s the question. Are you a “talker” or a “doer?”
In 2019, my goal is to slim the number of people in my life down. I reach about 15,000 people per week through my newsletter and social media.
I have thousands of people on this list who don’t respond to my posts, haven’t joined my podcast, aren’t signing up for my classes or investing in my books and programs.
They complain about being fat, having no money, or not feeling motivated to get out of bed in the morning, yet they aren’t swimming towards our Achiever Community.
Thus, I don’t think they should be a part of it! If this happens to be you, please Unsubscribe after reading this…or just scroll down and do it now.
This comes from love because if I’m not moving you into being a “doer,” than you need to connect with someone who does!
I’d rather have a list of 100 people who are ready to ACT on most of the advice I offer because they will have extraordinary successes that can be shared with the world so we can collectively SAVE as many drowning people as possible who want to swim TOWARDS our community!
What will we save them from? Insecurity. Self-Doubt. The fear that they aren’t good enough and therefore unworthy of being loved.
This is the great LIE of humanity and my life is devoted to erasing it from as many people as possible while I’m alive.
Yet, I want this to continue long after I’m gone, so I’m also training as many dad’s, moms, brothers, sisters, coaches, pastors and business leaders as possible so this goes on for generations!
If you’re with me on this, JUMP ON my Achiever’s helicopter and let’s do AMAZING things together.
If you’re not with us, swim away…
Either way, be a “doer” today!
Tim Shurr, MA
President, Shurr Success, Inc.
Founder, Indy Hypnosis Center
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