3 Mesmerizing Steps For Making BIG Dreams Come True With Less Effort!

Hello Achiever!

 As promised, here are the secrets to setting goals in a way that increases your odds of achieving them by 100%!

1. Always start by writing down the end result or ultimate outcome you intend 
(not want or wish) to experience and CLARIFY what achieving this goal will do for you? 

Avoid writing down goals like…

    a. I want to lose 50 LBS

b. I want to make 150K

c. I want to be happier


These goals won’t keep you inspired long term and they don’t clarify what the REAL goal is. 

a. What do you believe will happen or be possible for you, if you were 50 pounds lighter?

b. Why do you want to make $150,000? What would you do with the money? Would you pay off a bill? Go on a vacation? Add 10% more to your 401K? Purchase a new dishwasher, buy 5 new outfits and make a larger contribution at church?

    c. What do you feel is missing that would make you feel happier? What has made you feel happy in the past? How do you know when you are happy?


I’ve set many goals like this in the past and when I didn’t achieve them, it made me feel “less than,” like I wasn’t good/smart/talented/ enough to make that dream happen.

Looking back now, I realize it wasn’t a lack of talent. Nor did it have anything to do with being “good enough.” Instead, I hadn’t set a realistic enough timeline for how long it might take to reach my goal.

I also wasn’t appreciating what I HAD accomplished during the year that would eventually set me up for attaining a goal much larger and more rewarding than the one originally set.

A wise marketing coach once gave me a very valuable piece of advice…

When it comes to getting new customers, most entrepreneurs run one ad and stop. If the ad makes money, they run it again. If it doesn’t make money, they stop running the ad. Or, sometimes they run a completely different ad or run it on radio instead of in the newspaper. It’s a ‘hit or miss’ approach. There’s no consistency and that’s what causes people to go broke!”

Those who get rich have a different approach. They set a clear outcome and then establish an ongoing campaign to get there! Instead of running one ad, they commit to at least four months of advertising in one place (newspaper, radio, Facebook.)

During this time, they are actively testing and tweaking their ads to see which ones have the greater appeal to their customers.

For instance, they might test two different headlines, photos or layouts in a newspaper or magazine ad until they find the ‘magic combination’ and then they go full throttle (invest more money to get their winning ad in front of any many of their potential customers as possible!)”

How would you apply this “campaign” approach to losing 50 pounds? Start by clarifying how your life will be different without fifty pounds of fat weighing you down. What new experiences will you have? How will your life improve? You can also write down the costs or pain you’ll experience if you don’t achieve this goal…

For example, you might write down, “I’m going to finally go hiking with my daughter instead of procrastinating because I’m so out of shape.” Or, “I’m going to be able to get off a couple medications that make me fatigued, so I can be more active with my grandkids!”


2. Your next step is to create a ‘campaign’ by committing to this goal for the next six months. Then break the large goal (50 LBS) into several smaller goals or “milestones.” 

For each milestone, write down all the Action Steps necessary for its attainment and then prioritize the Action Steps so you get the best possible results in the fastest amount of time.

 You can also make adjustments or “tweaks” to your approach to discover whether one action produces better results than another. For example, if you keep missing workouts because your Pilates friend continually backs out, adjust your schedule so you’re actions are not dependent upon someone else.

If you’ve hired a graphic artist to produce materials for you and this person is not delivery what you want or in a timely manner, fire him/her and continually hire new people until you find talented folks you CAN rely on!


3. The third step (that most people forget) is to focus your energy, not on losing the weight or making the money, but on accomplishing those milestones!

 Reaching milestones keeps you motivated because you can literally see what you’ve already accomplished, the progress you’re making, and what your next move should be!

 You’re setting up an active TO-DO list, that when you’ve checked off all the boxes, will lead directly to your GOAL!

Your list doesn’t have to be fancy. It just needs to be created!

TO-DO LIST (Week 1)

-Prioritize Action Steps-

__ 1.

__ 2.

__ 3.

__ 4.

__ 5.

__ 6.

__ 7.

 Milestone #1: ________________________________

What accomplishing this Milestone will do for me?



In order to check off certain items
 from your TO-DO list, you’ll need to learn new information or skills, modify your existing environment (how you set up your workspace, what food is in the pantry, etc.), and adjust what you spend time on.

In doing so, you will literally be creating new routines, habits and an atmosphere that enable your goals to become a reality!

This is completely different from the hoping-and-wishing approach that most take and it keeps you naturally MOTIVATED because human beings gain a lot of satisfaction from getting things checked off their lists!



1. Write down goals that clearly identify what you’ll get from accomplishing them.

2. Create a campaign with milestones and action steps that grow you as a person, while in the pursuit of this goal.

3. Prioritize your action steps, keep testing and tweaking your approach and celebrate the “small” accomplishments along the way to transforming your goal/dream into a reality!

One of my personal milestones is to have a Calendar of Classes scheduled, so I can help you achieve your goals faster and in a more enjoyable way.


My plan is to offer the following:

1. Body (& Mind) Transformation Classes (quarterly)

2. Emotional Freedom Class (semi-annually)

3. Design Your Destiny Seminar (annually)


These cover the 3 topics my clients request the most help from. Weight loss, building self-confidence, and making more money.

I will still be offering private sessions, yet the demand on my time has increased as a result of working with several larger corporate clients this year, so I’m moving to a Group format. Group coaching experiences are often more effective and a lot more fun, so I hope you will join us.

I’ll be releasing my Calendar of Classes within the next week!


With that said…

Here’s to making your 2019 a Shurr ! Success


🙂 Tim

Tim Shurr, MA

President, Shurr Success, Inc.

Founder, Indy Hypnosis Center



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