The following is a breakdown of the programs and pricing for 2017. The national rate for an individual hypnosis session ranging between 45-60 minutes is $150. Our prices are slightly higher because you will be working with Tim Shurr, MA, who is one of the countries leading Hypnosis Coaches.

Indy Hypnosis isn’t the cheapest in town because we are the best! If you need more affordable pricing, there are many good hypnotherapists in Indiana. We know this because Tim has personally trained most of them. Yet, we believe you will SAVE MONEY working with us because our sessions are extremely effective! 


  1. Click on the Menu Link, Online Scheduler, and schedule your first hypnosis session. If you are joining our Smoking Cessation program, schedule three appointments within 10 days. We recommend Monday, Wednesday, and the following Monday. Or, Tuesday, Wednesday, and the following Monday. Getting reinforcement close together makes the physical transition easier on you.
  2. If you have questions of any kind and you’d like to speak with Tim Shurr prior to coming in, please send an email to or call (317) 579-7500 and request a Free Telephone consultation.
Binders full of testimonials

These 3-Ring Binders are Packed FULL of single sheet, hand-written testimonials & endorsements from local Indiana clients!

Tim has facilitated over 8,000 hypnosis sessions over the last 22-years and has more endorsements than ALL Indiana hypnotists combined! We don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you the enormous amount of experience and skill you’ll receive from your Hypnosis Coach at Indy Hypnosis Center!

Business Coaching Session: $250   60-minutes.
Personal Development Session: $200  60-minutes.

3-Session Package: $597
6-Session Package: $977

#1 Smoking Cessation Program In The Country

$677  Includes 3 Sessions
*Click on image below for a detailed explanation of our program.stop smoking 3d















Shurr ! Success “Body Transformation” Programs Offer a Powerful Alternative to Diets, Pills, and Surgeries! We will “train your brain” with healthier habits that lead to sustainable weight loss success! Because individual results vary, we’ve included a series of Reinforcement Sessions designed to

*Click on image below for a detailed explanation of our program.

Indy Hypnosis Weight Loss Packages (one-sheet)


  • Exceptional Programs at Affordable Prices!
    Exceptional Programs at Affordable Prices!
  • Stop Smoking with Ease at Indy Hypnosis!
    Stop Smoking with Ease at Indy Hypnosis!
  • Transformational "Mind-Conditioning" Weight Loss Programs!
    Transformational "Mind-Conditioning" Weight Loss Programs!