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Quit Smoking in Indianapolis

Each year the effects of cigarette smoking have fatal effects for more than six million people. Yet even with all of the information available today, 17.8 percent of U.S. adults consider themselves smokers.

The truth is, this is an extremely difficult habit to break, and few people succeed in their smoking cessation efforts on their own.

There is good news, however. Many people are turning to hypnosis to quit smoking because it’s a safe, easy alternative to prescription smoking cessation programs.

Indy Hypnosis founder, Tim Shurr, MA, has successfully used hypnosis to help many people, proving over and over this is an effective way to help smokers kick the habit.

Does Hypnosis Work for Smoking?

Shurr is respected in his field, having earned awards from three major hypnosis organizations. Since earning a Masters degree from Valparaiso University, Shurr has performed tens of thousands of hypnosis sessions on a wide variety of topics.

He is often asked to speak at conventions and has trained at all of the top hypnosis conventions across the globe.

“I chose Indy Hypnosis as an option for a better mind set,” says one Indy Hypnosis client. “I am successful. I am healthy, fit, and strong. I am grateful.”

Benefits of Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

When smokers consider hypnosis for smoking cessation, they usually begin by researching the many advantages.

They are often surprised to find that hypnosis to quit smoking is a great alternative to other smoking cessation programs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Little to no cravings or withdrawal symptoms
  • Increased awareness (i.e. not picking up a cigarette out of forgetful habit)
  • Strong willpower, even when around people who are actively smoking
  • Little to no weight gain, since the program teaches the smoker not to trade smoking for food
  • Emphasis on new ways of reducing stress and boredom naturally
  • Preventing relapse so you’re not tempted to light up down the road
  • Much safer than using drugs (and more cost effective!)

In addition to avoiding the bad feelings that often come with smoking cessation, hypnosis to quit smoking will actually leave the former smoker feeling refreshed and energized.

How It Works

Indy Hypnosis’s program equips you with the tools you need to feel calm and relaxed when under stress, rather than reacting out of habit because you don’t know what else to do.

Instead of merely forcing yourself to put cigarettes away for good, when you choose to quit smoking with hypnosis, you have a change in mindset that brings an improvement in health and well being.

You’ll actually want to only breathe fresh, clean air!

If you’re considering hypnosis to quit smoking, Indy Hypnosis can help. Instead of suffering through weeks of withdrawals and years of cravings, using hypnosis to quit smoking gives you the tools you need to feel better and resist smoking without resorting to an unhealthy lifestyle.

We have been helping people live smoke free lives since 1995 and have more written testimonials than anyone in the Midwest. Not all hypnotists or hypnosis programs to stop smoking are the same.

You’ll get superior results and service with our programs and we will stick with you until your goal is achieved.

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“I stopped smoking at Indy Hypnosis!
They do miracles there!”

Crystal McKenzie

Radio Host, Q95

This program showed me how to have complete control of my life and what I want to accomplish. I’m sure that with hypnosis I will never go back to smoking again.

*Individual results may vary.

Sandy Maletta

I smoked for more than 40 years. I was hypnotized 5 years ago and never smoked again!

*Individual results may vary.

Joan Taylor

I smoked for 25 years. After several unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking using gum, patches, and step down techniques, I finally gave up! Then I heard about Indy Hypnosis. Now I can confidently and positively say that I am a permanent non-smoker. Thank You!

*Individual results may vary.

Lana Bristow

Individual Results Vary.
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