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Weight Loss in Indianapolis

Food is necessary to live, but like any good thing, it can become out of balance. Regaining balance is often difficult, but hypnosis can help – and that makes hypnosis and weight loss a good partnership for change. In his years of experience, respected hypnotist Tim Shurr has found that hypnosis is an effective tool for weight loss but, as he emphasizes, it is not a magic trick.

Beliefs Drive Motivation

Our beliefs drive everything we do. Every decision we make is an attempt to meet our basic needs. While eating meets one of those basic needs, over time we come to associate pleasure with eating. At the same time, we come to think of exercise as a painful activity. If you don’t change those basic beliefs and habits, any results you have from a diet or exercise program won’t be sustainable.

Updated Beliefs

By updating your beliefs, you’ll be able to learn new ways of communicating with yourself. This new communication style will end the ongoing struggle within your mind. As a result, you’ll come out of hypnosis with the motivation you can use for the rest of your life. There are four basic pillars of hypnosis Indy Hypnosis teaches:

  1. Conditioned Responses—You learn to change your conditioned responses, including the habits (emotional responses and triggers) that are feeding the behaviors. For example, you may not want to hurt someone’s feelings, so you take the second helping at a dinner.
  2. Life Rules—This involves updating your beliefs and setting new rules. Examples of beliefs that need to be updated are the destructive thoughts we have, such as:
    1. ◦ I’m the fat one
    2. ◦ I’m not good enough
    3. ◦ I’ll be rejected
    4. ◦ Everyone has to be happy or I won’t be safe
  1. Reprogramming—This is where we change the way we program ourselves, which is our self-talk. It can be done with a simple language pattern change. What you think about comes about. Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, think about what you do want.
  1. Environment for Success—You act upon what you see the most of – and it’s important to remember that success happens through baby steps.

Weight Loss Through Hypnosis Hypnosis is one of the most non-invasive ways to lose weight. Fad diets can be harmful, actually altering your endocrine system. While we all know the best way to lose weight is a change of lifestyle, people have difficulty working that into their everyday lives. Many of the people who engage in hypnosis today are educated, professional successful people. They learn through hypnosis that they can’t control external factors, only internal ones. They learn to focus on the new thinking that develops into new behaviors that turn into new habits. Gone are the days when people associate hypnotherapy with going into a trance. Today’s patients are savvy people ready to take control of their lives – and their health.

About Your Hypnotherapist At Indy Hypnosis

Tim Shurr, MA, CH, has extensive experience in hypnosis. With advanced degrees in psychology and 25 years experience in the field of peak performance, Tim has an enormous grasp of how hypnosis can improve one’s mind and body. He has lectured around the country and internationally, winning multiple awards, performing tens of thousands of hours of hypnosis, and volunteering for many worthwhile charities. A behavioral psychology-oriented approach to hypnosis sets Indy Hypnosis apart. Shurr’s unique system of hypnotism coaching has caused therapists and coaching hypnotists from around the globe to reach out for his courses and coaching.  Indy Hypnosis regularly receives glowing client reviews and heart-felt notes of appreciation from the clients and families they serve. The entire Indy Hypnosis team cares deeply for the people they serve as you will quickly learn when you meet them!

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