How To Love Your Body Without Having To Exercise?

Today’s video is on how to love your body without having to exercise. If you’re somebody that says I hate exercise, I always have two thoughts one what are you doing then, I mean what kind of exercise are you doing that makes you hate it because exercise would be something that’s fun and enjoyable like taking a stroll or going for a swim or doing something that brings you joy and makes you feel really good if you’re talking about insane workouts or standing on a treadmill for hours and hours. Yeah I would hate that too that’s not fun so we don’t want to do that kind of exercise we would enjoy fitness. Fitness is a whole different approach and a lot more... read more

Simple Steps To Look Younger Naturally Without Plastic Surgery!

A lot of my clients have come in over the years and talked about getting plastic surgery and I said before you get plastic surgery let’s do some natural things that will make you feel beautiful and look younger and all the stuff that plastic surgery would do for you and without having to go through that big hole deal right. So, the first thing you can do and I know it sounds so silly but it’s so simple smile more right. Just smile more a lot of times when people are talking about plastic surgery they’re not feeling good about themselves they’re feeling insecure they’re judging themselves they think other people are going to judge... read more

How to increase your desire for more nutrition?

A common diet sabotage is telling yourself that you can’t have all your favorite foods. Now as soon as someone tells you that you can’t have something that happens is it makes you want it twice as much right and so instead of telling yourself all the things you can’t have just focused on what you want to have more of increase your desire for more nutrition instead of focusing on what you’re taking away focus on what you’re reaching towards right so you can eat whatever you... read more

What Does Perception Mean In Mental Health?

Today, I want to talk about perception because perception is you know how we look at the world around us and your perception determines how you feel what you do what your life becomes and then I want to tell you a quick story about this study where they had people that walked into a room and there were no windows and then they did a subjective survey how do you feel your happiness level on a scale of 10 to zero and there was no windows or... read more

Secrets To Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself!

A lot of times people say, I want to lose weight and I want to love myself but I don’t and I am afraid that I have to STARVE myself to get the results I want. It just never seems to work out, I just lose motivation. But, it’s not that we lose motivation, it’s we lose touch with who we are, we lose touch to feel good... read more

Secrets to Feel and Look 10 YEARS YOUNGER!

Do you want to look and feel 10 years younger and lose weight easier? Here is the secret and add more joy to your life. A lot of times you’re walking around with a DD adventure deficit disorder we’re just not having enough fun we grow up we get all serious we raise families the next thing we know we’re feeling like we lost a part of ourselves we’re feeling unhappy or stressed and so what we want to do is start to ask ourselves one question how can I bring more joy into today what can I do that would be more fun what can I do to open up... read more