Back From The Dead!

HOORAY! I’m back with the living. I decided two weeks ago to get the flu and have Lasik Eye surgery on the same day. It was brutal! My whole family got sick after that. Ugh! I hear many others have also had a tough go of it. If you’re going through it now, this email will provide you with LOTS of positive energy! Ok, here’s what’s happening and why you care. First, in January I began seeing private clients again. I had a great team, yet found myself doing all the administrative stuff rather than spending time helping people transform their health, wealth, and relationships. So I set my intentions, utilized the principals I teach, and boom! Now I’m in my new office with a three week waiting list! This isn’t boasting. It’s proving that we human beings DO have magic within us and we CAN turn our dreams into a reality! I will share more of my own personal successes with you because of an experience I had training multi-millionaires in Amway. One of the “Diamonds” in the business said his downline (those entrepreneurs who were under his chain of command) had been struggling. So he decided to take attention away from growing his own business so he could focus 100% of his time on helping his team become successful. What happened next was very interesting… After a couple months of coaching others, their results did improve. Yet, others who were doing well on their own began finding themselves in negative slumps. When he asked his “superstars” what was going on, they said, “We’ve always been inspired by what... read more

How To Make Exercise (and anything else) Fun!

Feeling those winter blues? This is the best time of year to start a new exercise routine. It will give you a much needed mental and physical boost, especially on those gray days… But what if you hate feeling sweaty or you don’t like going to the gym? Our motivation expert, Tim Shurr, shares unique strategies for “programming” yourself to love exercise. 1. Call it fitness, instead of exercise or workouts. The words you use to describe various activities actually determines how you emotionally feel about those activities. Fitness sounds lighter and more enjoyable than the latter. 2. Decide to make it FUN! If your routine is painful, boring, or too long, you won’t want to do it. Instead, take a new class, stream an online video, crank up the music, do it with a friend, and keep the first few routines under 15 minutes! This will “retrain your brain” to enjoy fitness! 3. Focus on the energy you feel after your routine, rather than on how it feels in the moment. People who procrastinate imagine themselves hating every minute of their routine instead of visualizing the joyful rewards of more energy, less stress, and an overall sense of well being. Need a boost? Check out Tim’s Free Mind-Coaching course for becoming the thinner, healthier, happier you! ... read more

Indy Star – Hypnosis Helped Me Drop Fast Food Like a Bad Habit!

The Adventuress: Hypnosis helped me drop fast food like a bad habit! Leslie Bailey / January 29, 2016 (Photo: Michelle Pemberton / The Star) It all started one late-summer day in Michigan with an issue of Good Housekeeping. I was lounging in my parents’ kitchen flipping through the pages when I came across an interview with the actress Olivia Munn. Expecting nothing but skin care tips for a “girl next door” look, I was pleasantly surprised to find an article about her near-death experience in a plane crash as well as her struggles with OCD and trichotillomania (a hair-pulling condition associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder). In the interview, Munn mentioned seeing a hypnotist as part of her therapy for the disorders. As a bonus, he also hypnotized her to start working out. “I’m not exaggerating: That was on a Friday, and by Monday I was working out every day at 6 a.m. If I missed a session, I’d double up and do it the next day. Now I feel so much stronger,” she told the magazine. Having been successfully hypnotized once before on a cruise ship (I swear to you, it worked) and not exactly a consistent exerciser myself, I decided to make an appointment with Tim Shurr of Indy Hypnosis to see if he could help. Shurr is a life coach, speaker, and consultant who has been practicing hypnosis for 27 years. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in psychology, Shurr has spent the past 21 years in the coaching business. During our first session it became apparent that my problem getting to the gym wasn’t my... read more

Need Some Adventure? Meet Karen…

Ever felt like life was passing you by? Many of us feel bored, unhappy,or frustrated with the same old routine. That was life for Karen Hale Yott, once upon a time ago! Karen is a local Hoosier who decided to try 50 new things when she turned 50 last year. Karen stopped telling herself she didn’t have time, didn’t feel like it, or that it would somehow take away from her family. Instead, she told herself a new story that this would be good for everyone if she had a little more adventure. So last year, Karen took a trip to New Orleans, did a Swamp Cruise, went on many hikes, and cooked herself a filet, which she had never done. Looking back, she said the experience made her happier, more relaxed, and she lost 20 lbs as well. Karen also decided to eliminate 2015 items in 2015 to get rid of clutter. Karen said, “My son is in 6th grade. He didn’t need 10 boxes of crayons so I donated them.” Ask yourself, what goals can you set for YOU this year? Karen’s goal is to try 51 new things in 2016. Perhaps you can join... read more

Weight Loss Motivation Strategy!

We’re about halfway into the month of January, and some of you may be struggling with your resolution to lose weight. On today’s “Motivation Monday,” our Success Coach, Tim Shurr, MA answers viewer questions about weight loss. A few of those questions were: 1. Everyone claims they have the “best” weight loss program. It’s confusing. So, what is the best way to lose weight? 2. How do I stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise? How do I keep focused when I get stressed or when I begin worrying about failing... read more

Tips For Reaching Your New Year Resolutions In 2016!

nbsp; You’ve chosen a New Year’s resolution. You stick to it for two months, but then you fall short. So, what’s next? How do you stay on track? Here’s three tips for helping you reach your 2016 goals faster and easier! 1. Start at the end and work backwards! Imagine you’ve already reached your goal. Notice how good it feels and all the advantages you’re experiencing. Think about the new attitude and perspective you’d have being on the other side of this goal. Instead of wondering whether you’ll succeed, you now visualize yourself as already being successful. 2. Set weekly milestones and daily tasks. People often get overwhelmed because they try doing too much too quickly. Trying to drink from a firehose is a bad idea! Instead, set smaller, more easily attainable goals. The more victories you have, the more motivated you’ll become! 3. Have fun and share your goal with others! Human beings naturally want to engage in pleasurable activities. If you keep training your brain to associate pleasure to your daily goals, you’ll maintain momentum. Sharing your goal with caring people will keep you accountable and provide you with extra support during challenging... read more

How To Finish Strong!

Just a couple of weeks left in 2015, and it’s time to make them the best yet! Our motivational expert, Tim Shurr, says often “It’s not a lack of time or an overwhelming to do list that keeps us from reaching for our goals, although both those things can play a role. It really comes down to our subconscious fears!” Here’s what he says plays a factor and how we can break through the barriers to create the healthy, happy life we all deserve! Excuse #1: “It won’t work out.” Sometimes our lack of success in the past makes us think we can’t succeed in the future. Yet, just like the stock market, past performance doesn’t always predict future performance. Developing new tools, insights, and approaches can definitely lead to a new, empowering result! Excuse #2: “I need to have a solid plan before I begin.” Often, this is just another form of procrastination because of excuse #1. Reaching a BIG goal requires you to achieve a series of smaller, easily attainable goals. For example, if you want to lose 100 lbs, start by drinking more water today. As you make progress, your confidence will increase and you’re next steps will reveal themselves. Excuse #3: “It’s not a priority right now.” If you don’t actively make your dreams a reality, they will never happen. Make a commitment to yourself and keep pushing unexpected distractions to the side. You’ll always be glad you... read more

Client Success Stories – Forgiving Others Sets YOU Free!

Have you ever felt hurt by a parent or loved one? Most have and sometimes we carry around these painful feelings our entire lives. These past hurts create self-limiting beliefs that can negatively affect you and your loved ones. Yet, you can quickly be free from the harmful affects of holding a grudge. Here’s Bob’s story…   Bob was interested in exploring hypnosis as a tool for “self awareness.” Unlike many of our clients, he did not have a particular goal in mind. Yet, during our initial conversation, Bob alluded several times to feeling strong, painful emotions towards his now deceased father. Bob believed his dad had thought of him as “dumb” and “clumsy,” and consequently had not respected him much. Bob had carried this belief, and the painful feelings of rejection from his father, for nearly forty years! Using an “Affect Bridge,” a hypnotic regression tool, we helped Bob access the ISE (Initial Sensitizing Event) that made him feel like he “wasn’t measuring up.” Bob vividly recalled a childhood memory of helping his dad shoe an uncooperative horse. When Bob dropped a tool, his frustrated father blurted out comments that would negatively affect his son for most of his life. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that “sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you.” Negative words can be devastating, especially to a child. Accessing upsetting memories can be upsetting. Some therapists think it’s actually good to have someone fully re-experience all the pain and trauma of their lives as if it’s “draining the emotion out of them.” We strongly DISAGREE with that approach... read more

How To Keep From Stuffing Yourself Like A Turkey!

Thanksgiving is a time for coming together with friends and family, so we can give thanks and eat ourselves into a coma. Yet, if you have been working on your figure, motivational expert Tim Shurr has a few helpful tips for enjoying the holiday AND maintaining a healthy waistline! 1. Drink a full glass of water before you eat. It will make you feel full faster. 2. If the cook’s secret ingredients are butter and cheese, bring a dish so you have a healthier option. 3. If your mom’s way of showing love is through giving your third helpings, return the favor by giving her hugs instead of gorging yourself! Don’t let another’s guilt trip steer you away from your goals. At the end of the day, do you want to feel regretful or proud of yourself? Stay strong and you’ll have one more thing to be grateful... read more