Body Transformation Program

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Are you trying to lose weight? Cutting calories and exercising are a good start, but what you may need to do is train your brain. Tim Shurr is the creator of the Body Transformation program. He joined Eyewitness News at Noon to talk about the best ways to approach your weight-loss... read more

Getting Healthy Through “Brain Training”

Did you know? 99% of diets fail because they don’t improve your emotional habits! Peak performance expert, Tim Shurr, MA, explains 3 reasons why dieting keeps people overweight and what you can do to finally get successful weight loss results! Diet Sabotages 1. Diets are temporary solutions. 2. Diets don’t focus on the reasons why people overeat. 3. People often expect to fail from the start. To get healthier, happier, and fit, you must “train your brain” to enjoy eating fresh foods and fitness. “It takes time to replace lifelong habits with a healthier lifestyle, yet using new human performance tools like Neuro-Linguistic Programming makes the process much easier,” says Shurr. Shurr ! Success seminars presents “Body Transformation” live in Indy on September 28, 2016. For more information, visit... read more

Supercharge Your Focus in 5 Steps!

When pursuing your goals, it can often feel like you’re going through a series of hills and valleys. Sometimes you’re really excited and it feels like you’re making lots of progress. Other times, it can seem like you’re getting nowhere fast! If you are struggling to stay focused or motivated. Or, if you find yourself slipping backwards, use this Shurr ! Success Re-focusing strategy to get your wheels back on track fast! 1. Take 3 Power Breaths. 2. Ask yourself a Power Question. 3. Focus on your goal for the week. 4. Set 3 daily action steps. 5. Establish a reinforcing environment. These tips are covered in more detail in the following video. These 5 strategies will empower YOU to achieve success in record time! Thanks for reading and make today a Shurr ! Success Tim Shurr, MA Commander-In-Chief Shurr ! Success, Inc. (317) 502-5293... read more

Knowing Your Strengths!

Over the last several years, I’ve had the good fortune of spending time with management teams in several industries helping them to become more effective leaders and communicators. Whenever I’m in those situations, I consider myself a student as much as a teacher. I don’t come from a corporate background, so learning how $100MM companies operate has been an eye-opening experience. One lesson I’ve learned is to concentrate on what you’re really good at and delegate the rest to others. Because I’ve been a solo entrepreneur most of my life, I wore ALL the hats! I was in charge of sales, marketing, finance, accounting, merchandising, PR, customer service, and delivery of the product and service. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! Not only is this exhausting, you’re not going to be GREAT at everything. In the classic book, The Entrepreneur Myth, author Michael Gerber warns readers that trying to do everything by yourself will end up limiting your success. Instead, assess what you’re strengths and weaknesses are. Then concentrate on what you are best at and begin turning the rest over to others. But what if you don’t have the money to hire a bunch of staff? Right about here, people start feeling tight inside, so before I give you the solution, please do this… 1. Take a full, deep breath in through your nose, down to your belly, then slowly exhale. 2. Tell yourself, “I got this!” and “I live in an abundant world that’s full of possibility!” 3. Imagine the best possible scenario for your situation. Focus... read more

3 Tips for Financial Abundance!

Everyone would enjoy a little more money, right? On Indy Style’s (Ch.8) “Motivation Monday,”our success coach, Tim Shurr, MA, offers 3 tips for attracting greater prosperity and abundance! The following 3 tips come from Tim’s upcoming book, 12 Laws of Prosperity & Abundance. 1. Law of Acceptance: You must believe you are worthy of success and financial abundance. 2. Law of Grit: The special mixture of emotion that’s produced when passion and purpose meet with the relentless pursuit of a worthy goal. It’s what keeps you going when times get tough. 3. Law of Reciprocity: When you focus on helping others succeed, instead of just focusing on yourself, you end up becoming successful faster because you’ve created an army of raving fans who will support you any way they can. The more value you provide others, the more valuable you become! Want to learn all 12 Laws of Prosperity & Abundance? Join Tim for a full-day live training in Indy on July 15th! Get all the details here:... read more

Sleep Your Way To Success!

This likely won’t surprise you that most people do not get enough sleep. Some even brag about it as though only getting four hours of sleep makes you tougher. Yet, research is consistently showing the opposite!   Lack of sleep leads to poor decision making and lower productivity. In Arianna Huffington’s new book, Thrive, she states that not sleeping well at night is like showing up the next morning for work after having several shots of alcohol. Research also links chronic sleep deprivation to higher risks of diabetes and heart disease. Many people stay up eating at night, which is a leading reason for the obesity epidemic we are facing in America.   Sleep, like relaxation and adult playtime, is not a luxury. It’s a necessity and people can improve their sleep habits with Motivation Expert Tim Shurr’s 4 simple steps. Decide you are going to get better sleep. As with anything else, you must be intentional about developing your new sleep routine. You need to plan it out in advance and make yourself follow through until it feels more habitual. Start winding down 30 minutes before bed. Your brain needs to rev down so turn off the TV, put your cell phone down, and use that time for reading, soaking in a warm bath, prayer, mild stretching, or listening to a guided meditation. Avoid talking about “upsetting” situations or your giant To-Do list prior to bed as this will rev your brain back up. Instead, get into a habit of reviewing what you are grateful for and you’re quality of sleep should improve. If upsetting thoughts pop into your mind at bedtime, pretend you are a movie editor and begin changing the images.... read more

Strong Mind, Strong Body!

Join us for a Free Coaching Session with Tim Shurr, MA. Click here –>     Did you know your thoughts influence your health? Each thought creates a physical response within the cells of your body. Thoughts that are encouraging, compassionate, and empowering generate strength and positively enhance your immune system functioning. While thoughts that are fearful, mistrusting, and pessimistic cause weakness, dis-ease, and inflammation, which all negatively affect your health and mental well-being. On today’s “Motivation Monday,” our success coach, Tim Shurr, MA, demonstrates how the words you think either strengthen or weaken your physical body and a simple trick for reminding yourself to THINK... read more

Taking Charge of Your Life!

Have you ever felt lost? Not living your purpose? In a tough relationship? Have you turned to food or alcohol for comfort? During this addition of “Motivation Monday,” our success coach, Tim Shurr, MA, will introduce you to Paula Davis. During a difficult time in her life, Paula began self-medicating with food and alcohol. Her relationship was very difficult and she lost her mom, who was her biggest support. Then Paula turned a corner. She began the empowering journey of personal development and as a result, she quit drinking, lost 55lbs, rebuilt her relationship, and began competing in body building tournaments. Whatever challenges you may be facing, you have the mental resources for triumphing over all of them! Tune in and let us inspire... read more

How People with Fibromyalgia Lose Weight!

“Client Success Story” Barbara came to Indy Hypnosis hoping hypnosis would help her lose weight. She was challenged by several physical conditions that made it difficult to move around, much less exercise. The frustration and physical pain magnified her stress levels, so Barbara turned to food for comfort. It was a vicious cycle, and she was aware of it, but having awareness didn’t make it any better. When Barbara’s fibromyalgia flared up, she would experience continuous, relentless pain and tingling in her legs. It would get so bad her legs would start twitching, which I noticed during her free hypnosis consultation. In her first hypnosis session, I led Barbara into a deeply relaxing Theta state. In this state of mind, the body shifts into “healing and restoration” mode. One of the problems with fibromyalgia is that it prohibits the mind from regularly reaching this brainwave state, even when sleeping. If you never get a chance to recharge your batteries, you’ll constantly feel drained and your body will experience inflammation overload. Add mental stress (worry/fear) and acid-producing foods (junk food) into the mix and you’re in for a world of hurt. Through deep physical and mental relaxation, Barbara was able to let go of an enormous amount of tension in her body. This also reduced her cortisol levels, a stress hormone responsible for fat retention! After the hypnosis session, Barbara was amazed by how relaxed she had become. “I don’t think I’ve ever feel this calm before.” Then she abruptly declared, “My legs don’t hurt!” All the tingling and pain had subsided. Now, I’d like to tell you that it... read more

What If You Found A Magic Wand?

My business strategist and I have been having long discussions about how to help more people unlock their inner magic and potential. It’s SO frustrating to watch people being pummeled by violent news stories, ridiculous politicians, massive amounts of stress, and paralyzing insecurity. People are being negatively manipulated on a global scale and it’s heart-breaking. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s one thing that can turn this all around and it’s not going to come from outside sources. Nobody is going to rescue you from the fear, anger, depression, or stress you may be feeling. If you want to experience MASSIVE SUCCESS in all areas of your life, you must learn to master your mind!   Your path to happiness, peace, and prosperity is hidden within the inner resources of your brain. It’s why all the great sages have said, “If you learn to go within, you’ll never go without.” Nothing is more gratifying than seeing the proverbial lights come on when a client finally realizes how powerful s/he actually is!  Within minutes, you can transform the way you think, feel, and behave, which can open the floodgates to success. If no one ever taught you HOW to harness your inner power, it will be wasted or used against you by those who understand how the mindreally operates. Food marketers, for example, have trained millions of Americans to eat themselves into obesity and illness through their commercials and slogans (4th meal, happy meal, etc.) Thus, rather than giving up one’s food obsession, people stick themselves with insulin while hypnotically telling themselves how much they love to eat!... read more