A Quick Trick to Feel strong and Confident | Release Your Happy Hormones Just Now!

Hey guys it’s Tim so I want to teach you another quick trick that it’s really cool it’s called power posing and it helps you feel strong and confident it releases all kinds of really good happy hormones in your mind and it control just by changing your physiology now we’ve known this in neuro linguistic programming for a couple of decades since the 70s right at at Harvard and did a TED talk on and to kind of glue it out so if you want to look up Amy Cuddy TED talk it’s really really good she did a great job she got emotional and vulnerable and it was really an awesome story but Amy Kelly came along a Harvard psychologist so here is an A Quick Trick to Feel strong and Confident | Release Your Happy Hormones Just... read more

How to overcome fear and anxiety?

I’m helping people with anxiety people call me every single day and they’re like I have just had this feeling inside like there’s this bully on my shoulder like I have this impending doom this fear that some Bad’s gonna happen and I was so like so can resonate with that because that’s where I was for so much of my life I was just paralyzed with fear anxiety. Anxiety is like this fire alarm that gets pulled in your head all the time telling you something’s... read more

Anxiety – What Is Anxiety & How To Treat It

Today, I am talking about anxiety and what it is and you know anxiety is when it’s like a fire alarm system in your brain that gets pulled and telling you that there’s something wrong right telling you that you’re in danger something Bad’s gonna happen you know I had a lot of hard experiences growing up and I’m sure you have had some of those as... read more

How To Quiet Your Restless Mind

Today, I want to share a story about Jill, that came in Jill came into the office high-powered executive, she’s already dropped some wage she’s looking to drop some more weight but she got caught up in stress right so I taught her the simple mind technique that will help her to quiet her Restless mind because her minds always go and she’s always thinking about work and then she comes home and she’s you know taking care of the family and her mind’s always going and she has a hard time slowing it... read more

Here’s Why Counting Calories Really Isn’t Necessary for Weight Loss!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/hu1qiYd6qiI?ecver=1″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>   A lot of times people say oh I hate counting calories I don’t want to have to go through that again or I’ve been on certain programs I’m a lifetime member and all we do is count calories and then go in there every month and get on the scale and realize that we haven’t lost any weight right and so instead of dieting which you know does not work. We have a different approach and instead of counting calories now it’s okay if you wanted to count some calories and figure out where you’re at. I always say do it for a... read more

Self-Compassion: A Key Factor In Weight Loss

Today, I want to talk about compassion and it really is one of the key ingredients to taking weight off and keeping it off for good. If you really want to drop the pounds without starving yourself without driving yourself crazy with diets because that’s not gonna work. Anyway you probably tried it doesn’t work you know so instead we’re gonna do a completely different approach and we’re gonna go inward and we’re gonna melt the weight away by melting away some of the internal baggage that we carry... read more

How to Increase Metabolism: The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Today we are talking about metabolism a lot of times the mistake that people make is they don’t eat I’ve worked with women for years and they would come in and they say well I don’t even eat much I don’t eat breakfast you know I don’t even start eating I don’t even really get hungry until like 3:00 in the afternoon and then they would tell me how they were just ravenous at nighttime well of course because you’re not putting nutrition into your body and then you’re gonna be... read more

10 Ways to Convince Yourself to Keep Going

I am out in the woods hanging out just relaxing and making some videos for you. Today’s video is all about how to get yourself going how to get started and build momentum so that you get that healthier body that you desire so after doing thousands of sessions helping people to create that body transformation I started listening to what they were saying to themselves and there was one thing that was really clear when you’re having trouble achieving your goal it’s because you’re making the obstacles in your mind bigger than the... read more

Ask Yourself A Question Are You Respecting Your Body?

Let me ask you a question are you really respecting your body your body is incredible I mean it’s amazing all the millions and millions of things that happen inside of you every day to keep you alive and ticking and how do we reward ourselves if you look around most people are abusing their bodies and it’s we’ve been abused as well just from living right I mean we go through a lot of... read more