What If You Found A Magic Wand?

My business strategist and I have been having long discussions about how to help more people unlock their inner magic and potential. It’s SO frustrating to watch people being pummeled by violent news stories, ridiculous politicians, massive amounts of stress, and paralyzing insecurity. People are being negatively manipulated on a global scale and it’s heart-breaking.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s one thing that can turn this all around and it’s not going to come from outside sources. Nobody is going to rescue you from the fear, anger, depression, or stress you may be feeling. If you want to experience MASSIVE SUCCESS in all areas of your life, you must learn to master your mind!


Your path to happiness, peace, and prosperity is hidden within the inner resources of your brain. It’s why all the great sages have said, “If you learn to go within, you’ll never go without.”
Nothing is more gratifying than seeing the proverbial lights come on when a client finally realizes how powerful s/he actually is!  Within minutes, you can transform the way you think, feel, and behave, which can open the floodgates to success.

If no one ever taught you HOW to harness your inner power, it will be wasted or used against you by those who understand how the mindreally operates. Food marketers, for example, have trained millions of Americans to eat themselves into obesity and illness through their commercials and slogans (4th meal, happy meal, etc.) Thus, rather than giving up one’s food obsession, people stick themselves with insulin while hypnotically telling themselves how much they love to eat!

When you DO learn how to “train your brain” for success, miracles will occur! Every day I see clients leaping over obstacles that once kept them stuck. They are realizing their dreams because they possess greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of how to use their brains like a magic wand…


Imagine walking in a field. Actually, you’re limping around because you’ve had a bum knee for years. It’s really affected the quality of your life because you’ve got this deep, inner desire to run freely. You’re tired of feeling crippled by the fear that your knee could get worse, yet you hold back once again and the despair widens. It’s at this precise moment you notice a strange wand laying in the grass.  

You pick up this wand and swing it around, pretending that it’s magic! Then, with a firm grasp, you gently lower the wand

down towards your side, silently wishing for the ability to run without fear or discomfort. Almost as if an invisible hand takes hold of the wand, it brushes the side of your bum knee and BAM, the pain disappears!

Without warning, all the blocks that made you feel trapped DISAPPEAR! You move your leg around doubting what just happened, yet your leg feels fine. Then, a soft, whispering voice in your mind says, “RUN!”

As you take off running, your legs feel stronger and stronger beneath you. The wind blows against your brow as you spread your arms wide, embracing the world!  When you finally slow down to a stroll, you begin thinking, “What else can I wish for? What if anything is now possible?” and that’s when the fun really begins! 


We have all felt crippled at times by our fears and doubts. What most do not realize is you have a MAGIC wand at your disposal. Though, it’s not a wand, it’s your BRAIN!

For those who are ready to “RUN,” I’d like to offer you an opportunity to take a life-empowering JOURNEY where you’ll discover how to fully unleash the manifesting power of your magic brain and use it to make your dreams come true!
I’m creating a Mastermind experience where I’ll take a small group of people and personally coach them over a 3-month period with the intention of helping you improve your finances, health, and relationships.


I’ve put together a short 6 question survey that will help improve this Mastermind experience for you. If you desire more exciting results, please take a moment to fill this out. As anyone who has participated in my seminars and coaching programs will tell you, the results are awesome and so is the training!


Here’s the survey -> How Do You Wish To Be Trained?




Make today a Shurr ! Success
Tim Shurr, MA
Shurr ! Success, Inc.